High Southern Culture

It has been a decade or more since I had exposure to authentic High Southern Culture. As we continue the progress towards a different overall society we will eventually forget certain dimensions of the past to make way for the future. It has been said that many people whose formative years occurred in the context of certain, distinct social climates are given to a nostalgic sense of the primacy of those times. In other words, the way people did things in the past may be superior to how things are today. I am not of that opinion and I think the future requires more emphasis than the past except when considering the excellence of the past.

Southern Education

Southern education can be varied such as the case when I was a student in the South. In those days and in some parts of the South there was an emphasis on art, literature, and philosophy to such an extent you would think you were living in the Renaissance with a bit of Greek thrown in for good measure. The teachers of those times were well spoken, even headed, and deliberate individuals who, depending on their background were well versed in English classics, Western History, and Continue reading


Time and Living

Time, in terms of how we live; what we have done and plan to do is important to nearly everyone. I came across perhaps the middle of a well worded presentation about Time from Dr. David Jeremiah of the Turning Point organization. I found it to be a well structured, thoughtful, and excellent perspective on Time. As I listened to Mr. Jeremiah’s presentation, I found the perspectives he shared to be rather illuminating. Continue reading