Morals, Ethics | God and the Future

When I was in college, one of the topics we discussed was ethics. Ethics is the idea that rules can be established that allow people to coexist and work together peacefully. As an approach for improving the way people interact, Ethics is occasionally contrasted with morals. While morals is often described as what we feel to be correct and incorrect action, ethics is a system in which the rules of interaction are developed through critical thought and reasoning. One of the great debates during group discussion of ethics is which is superior, ethics or morals? Continue reading


Internet Culture and Intelligence

Did the Internet make us less smart? That is a question asked in different ways by a range of writers, commentators, and thought leaders over the past decade. It is an extension of a question of a different sort. When we replace certain kinds of tasks of some difficultly but important to our survival, well-being, or living functions, with tools or systems that are more streamlined do we lose something in the process?

Ease in-place of Difficulty

Long ago, people who drove a car once needed to know how to change the oil in their cars. If you wanted to drive a vehicle and continue doing so, you had better know how to change the oil, change the tires, and do basic service on your vehicle. As the automotive service industry rose, the need for these skills declined. You can still develop these skills today and having them can enhance your use of a vehicle, but many would agree that taking a vehicle to a service facility would result in better upkeep of the vehicle.

Some comments about the Internet have gone along the lines of intimating that spending time on social networks, chatting, and texting is a waste of time. I would offer that the time spent in online is a valuable activity. Privacy not withstanding, the time spent online is quite valuable to the understanding and Continue reading