Actual Formula For Successful Living

What is the right mindset and actions for living successfully in today’s world? A summary of the answer can be listed as follows in order of importance:

  1. Obedience
  2. Flexibility
  3. Agreement
  4. Pleasantness
  5. Courtesy

You succeed based on how well you can do these things and how far you are willing to go to make these the primary things you do in relation to other people of equal or higher standing. Yes, there are many exceptions, but more commonly, those that fail in life as far as money, jobs, or politics generally make a real mistake in one or more of these areas.

If you have other beliefs that are in conflict with those things stated above, your chances of success and survival in most social settings and activities may be greatly limited if not impossible.

Therefore, it is logical that if you want the privileges of society at a positive level, then your philosophy must be what is described above. You can believe what you want and still join any group you want.

This can be a difficult message for those entrenched in other viewpoints. Yet, it comes down to an ultimate question in this matter. You have to decide between your viewpoints versus your ability to possess things, have privileges, have shelter, be relatively secure and consume food.

Standing firm is often glamorized and romanticized in media and culture. Perhaps a different point of view should be learned and taught. A point of view that will result in more abundantly stable and physically healthy lives. What if the things youth are taught are incompatible with the views they should have as adults equipped to succeed in terms of essential disposition.

What is the conclusion based on such introspection paired with life experience? The outcome may be unsettling in terms of what it reveals about the truthful reality. Still, you are faced with the reality of punitive austerity versus the reality of material success through adherence to the things stated earlier.

Regardless of what you believe, know that what you actually do must always coincide with those things stated here. Any actions you take that is in conflict with what is stated above will generally result in your failure in society.

Much of this is part of the lesson of economic and materially beneficial relationships since recorded history.

This lesson has never long been overturned by any different philosophy put into practice in modern times.

The progress of society is more nuanced than absolute and the timeless rules of order remain ever relevant.

By Michael Gautier


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