Striving For The High Road

Life events can provoke stress within the mind of the individual. Taking the high road means adopting a philosophy of continuous diplomacy in most things, even during stressful occasions. It begins with being diplomatic with yourself as a first requirement for being naturally diplomatic in general. A calm and measured approach to most things as the primary way you engage with the environment.

Sometimes it is not the right approach and another approach is relevant. Sometimes it spells disaster. On average though, in a modern society, this approach serves to improve things more often than be the basis for disadvantage. That said, you must always manage self vulnerability with prudent precaution in balance with intrinsic values.

When you are a driven individual or tend towards intense motivated engagement with life in general, you might be harder on yourself than others generally are towards you. If you can accept flaws in other people, you can definitely accept flaws in yourself and move forward.

Mistakes will continue to be made. Meanwhile, continue to improve and recover while striving towards the high road. Consistency in this regard may create small successes that make up for the errors of the past.

Often, this way of thinking will dispel any leadership opportunity you might have or material benefit you might have gained. A reputation for strength could easily erode. Still, striving for constancy and a measured outlook has its own reward.

Some things in life can take you out of the picture permanently, ruin opportunities for you forever, or outright destroy you in a variety of ways. That is a part of nature, life in which we exist. Beyond those things however, if you stay on the high path in terms of standard of conduct within yourself and outward engagement with life, that becomes a foundation for success of the intangible kind.

By Michael Gautier


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