Modern Way for Really Getting a Job

The unemployment office has transformed significantly into a highly capable force for getting people jobs beyond administering compensation until work is gained. When you have a dedicated case worker who is focused on getting you hired, your chances of success grows tremendously. I say that knowing that many people do no see success with this process, but there are many who do. Fortunately, there is a state institution that is fully involved and preoccupied with getting people jobs and doing so effectively.

Career Center

Today’s State Career Center is a place where people can go and use computers for free. Go on the Web to search for and apply for jobs. As more employers transition to Web based employment processes, this will become an invaluable service for people in a local area to have. It helps those of us either lacking computer and Internet resources as well as those of us who may be less clear about what places on the Web to go that are most relevant to the local area.

The involvement of actual people you deal with face to face is a huge help. They get to know you over a few weeks; understand how you are; and can talk well to others about you based on having spoken with you at length. Interactions such as this can lead to them helping you with career transitions and having insights about you that they can use to advise you well about alternative positions.

State Job Websites

This is a great tool for helping you to get back to work. They are websites provided by the state that connects you with real jobs. Websites like that have real jobs listed. What do I mean by real jobs? I mean jobs that are not advertisements for what might be out there. Rather, these are job postings for jobs that are most likely ready now. You still have to qualify for the job and be found acceptable by the employer for the job. Regardless, when a job is posted on a state website, it is more likely to be a real job that is available.

Assistance with Presentation

Whether you are working through Goodwill Career Solutions (by way of Goodwill Industries) or the Unemployment Office or Career Center, the employment assistance organization will help you in a number of ways. The assistance could be in how better to present yourself to employers; properly fill out applications; and adjust your resume (if resumes are relevant) to the current standards. The information they provide is valuable and their feedback to you on your requirements versus those of employers can be a valuable reality check.

Follow-up And Follow Through

State and non-profit employment professionals have a tendency to stay in touch with you. When they do, it is a great opportunity to form a long-term relationship as you never know when you may have go on the search again for a position. The longer they know you, the more they will improve in their insight about you that can translate into a higher quality discussion with other employers on your behalf. As they follow through with you on job referrals, tips, and counsel about job opportunities, you find yourself in a much better position than you might otherwise had you decided not to participate in this process.

The Truth About Getting a Job on the Internet

One time go, I was employed in a different capacity, I was not actively looking for a job. I did not have my resume published anywhere and was not really on anyone’s radar as far as being an active job applicant. Regardless, a recruiter contacted me directly through LinkedIn after searching and finding my profile about a job he had open. I spoke to him on the phone. That conversation turned into an interview a week later and a job offer a week after that with a major international consultancy firm. I ended up not taking the job for a variety of reasons, but the situation taught me something about the changing nature of employment.

Jobs can come from many directions. Sometimes you search and apply and other times you are actively sought by others for a position. Most of the time, much of this does not pan out or you are quietly rejected. Still, there is more employment activity today than at anytime in the past decades. Within this present sea of employment activity occurring today, if you qualify, you have a solid chance at a job. Of course, requirements such as your references; a desirable job history; education; skills and legal social standing; matter greatly. When you meet all the requirements or have an advocate on your behalf, you stand a good chance of getting a position if the situation is right.

Getting a Job With the Help of State and Non-Profit Career Professionals

With all the uncertainty surrounding web-based job boards, especially those not originating from or managed by the state or a non-profit agencies, it is good to have reliable alternatives. The model for employment assistance executed by state and non-profit agencies combined with their own web-based job networks is a much more desirable way to go. You do not get any guarantees either way, regardless of the direction you take, but for all the reasons stated earlier, the state and non-profit organizations offer people a better chance at getting employed.

Thankfully, such organizations exist and work earnestly towards helping those of us who may encounter challenges with employment. Those challenges may be due to a career change in which your background is incompatible with the opportunities that are available. It could be the result of a change in geography or for a multitude of other reasons. Whatever the reasons are for a lack of traction in getting a job, the efforts of the state and non-profit agencies in helping to produce a better outcome for people is a welcome situation for all concerned.

By Michael Gautier


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