Faith, Focus, and Endurance

Winning should always be defined as first winning from within. As we go through life and attempt to translate our thoughts into actions to achieve success, sometimes something gets lost in the translation. Our efforts fail, or we fail to meet or maintain our best standards.

Years pass by and we remain stuck or behind by the standards of society or the hopes of our ancestors. We feel limited, held back, lost and without any hope of being who we always thought we would be back when we were a child and the future and life seemed unlimited. We may even have helped fulfilled the dreams of others but not of ourselves and we recall the question of what now?

Well, there is an answer that  Continue reading


College vs Experience

Tuition costs seem to rise yearly and very high student loan debt seems permanently set to challenge graduates’ ability to build a better life. In other cases, there are examples around the world of municipalities putting a greater emphasis on vocational training and trades schools. Given these developments some may ask is it better to get the experience or finish college?

Experience Reigns

We do things in this world. We build things, we provide services, and we use our minds to make decisions on a range of matters. Already knowing how to do something is faster and more efficient than  Continue reading

Technology for Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living

Being connected is important. Getting access to technology to connect can be easy or difficult depending on your circumstances. You are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to make rent, payments on utilities, car and insurance, and afford groceries. This is not new, it has been the way things are for years. Now you need a computer, tablet, or smart phone only to be reminded that your checking account balance is always too short to do anything about it. What do you do?

Economic Realities

Large numbers of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Others are struggling without the benefit of income at all. When you look at the poverty rate in the US, some 46 million people are in poverty today. Those that get out of poverty and enter the workforce may join at a time when the US labor force participation rate is so low that about 90 million people are struggling with getting or keeping a job. Whether you are in poverty, struggling with employment, debt, and income, you may yet find yourself part of the large segment of the population with a low enough credit score as to be considered a person with bad credit.

To summarize, millions of people have problems with one or more of the following: Poverty, Jobs, Income, and Credit. People in this category may have significant problems getting the technology they need to move up in society. They may even struggle to get the technology at a level to keep pace with society at large.

What are the solutions for you if you are either poor, ineligible for credit, or lacking the income necessary to get the technology tools necessary to participate in modern society?

Education is Necessary but a Challenge

More people are headed to college which traditionally improves upon life outcomes. Education is so important that it will take decisive action to make it more accessible and beneficial to more people. Many ideas are on the table to define better solutions for education. One of the challenges in education is making the right choices for education technology. You can read about my general overview about the choice ahead for education technology and the digital divide. Wherever you stand on education in the 21st century or the right approach for getting an education or delivering education, affordability is one of main factors to consider.

Affordable Smart Phones

One of the engines of growth behind the adoption of smart phones is subsidies by telecom corporations. Millions of customers have acquired $400 to $900 phones covered under multiple year contracts where the cost of the device is paid over several years by Continue reading

Knowing The 48 Laws of Power

Our lives are marked by chapters, just like in a book. For some of us, there are many chapters and for others there are but a few. The chapters of our lives are signified by the major events that occur and the changes we personally undergo. We may evolve in a particular philosophical direction that is very different from what we understood much earlier in life. The events we live through always teaches us. The lessons they impart can prepare us for new situations to come. Of course, sometimes we are taught but learn nothing at all. Either way, we have choices in life and those choices have consequences.

Humility Versus Strength

A very common choice in most situations is the choice between humility and strength. Basic humility is the discipline to hold back from advancing your needs while allowing the forces of a situation to operate without your deliberate action. That is the general theory of humility. Humility is also a mindset and psychological disposition. To be truly humble is to be part of the grand design rather than be consumed with the desire to define the reality of others. Continue reading

Quiet Influence of Architecture

The structure surrounding you can lift you up or lead you to do things in a better way. That structure can be nature itself. You sit on a large granite rock and take in the sky the land and become one with the simplicity before you. At that moment, you are one with life itself and for a few minutes or a few hours, you understand everything. Everything that is important anyway. Relationships, conservation, harmony, and transcendent love.

You move away from your place of observation. Back into the flow of modern existence and once again know you must learn again what you have forgotten. Continue reading