Reflections on Life in 2004

In 2004, I wrote a few things that I posted to an website. It was probably my 16th website at that point and I had done it up in Macromedia Flash with theatrical intros, sounds that I had purchase, and painstaking graphics.

Looking back on what I wrote at the time is somewhat insightful if hardly well defined. The website once accompanied my resume back then and may have been partly responsible for landing a permanent job. It was a good form of expression for the time.

I eventually took down the website as I moved on to other things. Became more fully involved with professional matters. No more time for personal websites.

Recently, I thought, given the expanded nature of blogging platforms today, it seemed like a good idea to return these thoughts to the Web in which they previously resided. The reflections are now once again available.

April 2004 Reflections of Michael Gautier

By Michael Gautier


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