The Job First, Requirements Second

Lou Adler has written a brilliant post recently about job postings that seems particularly applicable today. He looks at the best way for advertising a position and getting the right fit for a position. His advice seems particularly sound.

He advises defining the actual job first. When setting up a new position, put less emphasis on a litany of concrete details like individual requirements for a position. On his counsel, if you define the job first, you will better frame the situation for success. It is advice that appear quite relevant to job seekers today when inquiring about a new opportunity to determine fitness.

Lou Adler may be suggesting that there are basically two ways to fill a position. Two choices exist for finding the right person. You can ask yourself two questions reflexively for a position:

  1. Do you, overall, match the job?
  2. Or, does your individual skills and experiences make you merely functional for the job but not for long-term success?

Sometimes the answer does not matter, but in terms of building a steady, reliable career, it can make all the difference in the world.

See the article, Define the Job, Before Defining the Person – A Commonsense Idea for Hiring

Another article, The 5 Traits of Wildly Successful People


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