A Life Under Debt

My life has been a fortunate life. I can count the many blessings I have had which include positive conditions in careers, social standing, creative, analytic, and technical talents. In short, I have had great jobs, known very good people, and have had the privilege of doing great things with the gifts I possess. I see more good in life than ill, and I tend to lean towards seeing the glass half full. Even with the difficulties I have faced in recent years, I know without fail that the universe God created is a wonderful place to exist.

I do not believe all difficulties, challenges, and adversities are necessary or good developments. Regardless, even if what we struggle with today undermines our present appreciation of present circumstances and realization of life’s gifts, we can apply our mind to make good out of bad. Part of the free will that God has granted us is the ability to decide how we will mentally accept our situation. A situation can be very bad, but I have learned to try to learn from such situations.

Honestly, I would rather avoid negative conditions. I would prefer to  Continue reading