Being Excellent as the Highest Aspirational State

Excellence is one of the chief goals of life. Excellence in action, thought, and result is occasionally within the grasp of people. Can a person grow in their level of excellence in a more complete way? I believe they can but it would likely require continuous effort, vigilance, and evolution of the mind. Passion is too limited. Reason and talent are too limited. Those things are important, but they are but beginning stages in reaching a higher way of doing and thinking. Excellence sums up the primary state of being to achieve.

Harmony Follows Good Order

Excellence begins with harmony. Harmony proceeds from a quality vision or an understanding of principles relevant to an outcome. Good order and structure leads to a more complete vision or understanding. There are levels of order that includes gentle dynamic order; balanced order; and rigid order that borders on perfection. I do not recommend rigid order in general, but the point is that the summoning, experience, and application of proper order drives harmony. Harmony is the synchronous concordance of constituent elements in coordination to represent a particular condition, state, or outcome. Continue reading


Achieving Quality – The Value Formula

Motivation + Energy + Action = Value

Each of these things work together to create value. The extent of any one of these inputs influences the level of value derived as an outcome of these inputs. Creating value is easy, creating excellent value requires much more in effort, substance, and essence. This value formula is the means for calibrating the level of value created. It is the mechanics of creativity expressed either instinctively or in procedural fashion. Continue reading

Celibacy and Emotional Discipline

Twelve years of celibacy so far and I find that higher emotional discipline is a good thing. I believe if you can properly manage your emotional impulses, you can gain greater control over how and what you think. Celibacy does not necessarily improve you in every way but it can lead to more mental space in which to think undistracted by persistent indulgent thoughts. Likewise, being celibate for longer periods may increase the chances that you will be more aware of your own thinking. Ever increasing awareness may set the stage for taking the right action to improve the way you think and what you think about. Part of that is taking in other factors when making choices besides just what you feel. Not always, but the likelihood of attaining such a disposition is greatly increased. Continue reading

Plant-Based Diet Concept

What is vegetarianism all about? I cannot speak for others, but for myself, vegetarianism has a few benefits that has moved me to fully embrace a plant-based diet. Since early 2006, I have fully abstained from fish, chicken, pork and beef. At first, I did not know if I would survive the transition, but 8 years later, it has become a natural way for me to maintain energy. Continue reading