Achieving Quality – The Value Formula

Motivation + Energy + Action = Value

Each of these things work together to create value. The extent of any one of these inputs influences the level of value derived as an outcome of these inputs. Creating value is easy, creating excellent value requires much more in effort, substance, and essence. This value formula is the means for calibrating the level of value created. It is the mechanics of creativity expressed either instinctively or in procedural fashion.


Starting with a goal can be a necessary means to accomplishing value. Yet, more important than the goal is the reason why that goal should be pursued. Three questions decide ultimate value before anything is pursued. What is the characteristic essence I wish to manifest? What is my essential essence consequent to this? Why must I attempt manifestation of concept? These are some of the questions that define motivation. Strong or weak motivation is a function of how strong the connection is among these concerns. The quality of the motivation can predetermine the energy that must be sustained to realize the level of value possible.


A tangible substance must exist to transform material into form that corresponds to vision that is high in value in form and/or effect. That substance is energy and must be in sufficient quantity to enable the continued effort to build, make, create, and realize the written, spoken, performed, or material representation of an idea. Motivation then becomes the perpetual catalyst to perpetuate the application of low energy into higher energy to sustain action. Energy then becomes the pivot from what is thought triggered from motivation to what becomes existent as a product of action (speaking, writing, making, performing).


Near the end of the process, muscles are used, machines and tools are used, and natural or artificial processes are activated. These processes transcribe thought, motivation, and energy in their forms into the concrete form that is to be for a moment or an epoch. Conceptually, action is an experience of time in which various states of being converge to produce a result. Commonly, action is about using techniques, knowledge, skills, and applying them directly to transform materials (air for voice, light for words, matter for materials) into a different configuration.


Truth is people are going to appreciate the value differently. Somethings do retain high value over time however. Renaissance art, Gothic Cathedrals, Ancient Roman Architecture, and Greek statuary. Modern things that seem to have high value include certain kinds of minimalist design in websites; Mercedes and Audi cars, Apple MacBooks, the iPhone, and iPad as well as many of the things offered at Macy’s and Burburry. Value in this context is about quality. The question becomes how do we achieve similar levels of quality in our lives, our words, and outcomes. Part of the answer is the quality of motivation, abundance of energy, and skill and scope of action. The intangibles rule the tangible to imbue the tangible with an essence somewhat reflective of the level and depth of intangibility that preceded the tangible form.

Motivation + Energy + Action = Value

What we appreciate as essential value that stirs awe in us is this depth of intangible quality that proceeded from the chain of creators leading to what we now behold in words, sights, or firm structure. This value defined. Value in which the quality of the inputs reflect upon the encircling quality of the thing. That is what gives the thing its value.


By Michael Gautier


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