Being Poor is Noble

Absolutely nothing is wrong with being in poverty or being poor as far as the worth of individuals that are poor. Poverty is noble, honorable, and a higher place for those who endure it, thrive in it, and live with it every day and still maintain excellent character. Poverty can show us the best in us and in others but poverty is a condition and not to be a permanent destination. CNN has a great article about poverty that continue to keep it in the public’s view.

Being Poor is Not the Goal

Benevolence, excellence, and greater understanding are the true goals of people expressed through different pursuits. Poverty was never to be among those pursuits except for the truly ascetic. Poverty is a condition and nothing more. What we find wrong, tragic and terrible about poverty is that it is a solvable condition.

Children should not go hungry no matter what we believe about competition at the heights of success.  Continue reading