Being Poor is Noble

Absolutely nothing is wrong with being in poverty or being poor as far as the worth of individuals that are poor. Poverty is noble, honorable, and a higher place for those who endure it, thrive in it, and live with it every day and still maintain excellent character. Poverty can show us the best in us and in others but poverty is a condition and not to be a permanent destination. CNN has a great article about poverty that continue to keep it in the public’s view.

Being Poor is Not the Goal

Benevolence, excellence, and greater understanding are the true goals of people expressed through different pursuits. Poverty was never to be among those pursuits except for the truly ascetic. Poverty is a condition and nothing more. What we find wrong, tragic and terrible about poverty is that it is a solvable condition.

Children should not go hungry no matter what we believe about competition at the heights of success. Never should there be collateral damage. Women should always have a place to live, in safety, security and in a complete state of cleanliness, respect and dignity. No man should strive to bitter and preoccupy himself in the trial of homelessness and lack when he could be far more productive in the everlasting growth of this world and the people and things in it.

We Can Solve Poverty

A problem of this kind that is solvable should be solved. No sound reason exist for poverty in terms of the abundance of society. Enough agriculture exist for everyone as well as square footage for housing. A large share of material and intellectual resources exist that all could be benefited without any true loss to anyone specific person or institution. It is one of the chief mandates of our time and forever to not only end poverty but end it forever short of a major social error (like war or something).

What Can We Do?

Some do dislike the idea of redistribution but it is vital and necessary for the good of all. However, I do not believe in forced redistribution nor do I believe that planned redistribution must inconvenience or challenge the investments or good nature of those who have something to give.

Instead, we must start from the bottom and redesign mechanisms and production sources so that they create products and services available to all persons in a way that safeguards all persons regardless of who they are from lack. At a conceptual level, that is all we have to do. The rest is a matter of detail and execution and hopefully the execution will bear well on the high values we have always held in high regard.

Gaining comfort and security from poverty should not turn us to cultural decay and with the right approach we can both raise the living standards of all people and not introduce anything that would unduly move us further away from nobility. We must always try. We must always believe that no one will be left behind. We must always strive to act in so doing begin to act so that none are left behind.

By Michael Gautier


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