Four Career Directions

Some people dream of being an astronaut when they grow up. Others see themselves as a doctor in medicine. Many may have thought about sports or politics. Let’s simplify it all so we can see clearly. What are the four roads you can take towards career success?

Working versus Not Working

I am misusing the term career. I am not really talking about career so much as I am talking about how you go about having a job. Jobs seem to be in decline as technology automates more things; positions get reorganized to less costly locales; and industries change so that there are fewer positions in those industries compared to in times past. So I thought about it and see 4 paths to keeping engaged in the economy. Basically, how to keep working if you are capable, willing, and externally unhindered.

More Options Available

My perspective is limited to what I have observed. In other parts of the world or in a range of circumstances, there could be other ways to thrive, prosper or, at least, sustain living. What I present here is specific and based on reality.

4 Paths Outlined

You can have a job generally and be involved in the economy if you apply yourself in one of 4 basic directions. You can be involved in more than one of these directions, but most of us will not be. The 4 directions are presented from lower-income to higher income.

  1. Specialization
  2. Government
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. High Finance Continue reading

Two Most Important Attributes to Succeed

Several of my past posts have covered theories about success. Some of those posts are quite detailed. Let’s move beyond theory into reality.

You need two basic things to succeed:

  1. A good and acceptable personality. The term in professional circles is chemistry.
  2. Acceptable communication skills. This means you present well.

That is it basically. Continue reading