Destroy Your Enemy

What is the fastest most thorough way to destroy someone? Maybe even temporarily defeat them long enough to gain a permanent advantage over them? The answer is resource deprivation.

Take away things people want or need for a long enough period and, if they do not have suitable alternatives, they will either succumb to your will or lose the ability to succeed. It is a simple and complete concept that works most of the time.

Why bring this up? Well, it is a truth of life. It is something that can come upon you without warning. It can be one of the risks of living and making independent progress in your existence.

You can defeat someone entirely with this concept if your patience exceeds their tolerance or capacity to deal with the particular constraint(s) placed on them. Likewise, you may lose all if you are well within a process of chronic deprivation. In such a case, while you have little to nothing materially or socially, you at least maintain the choice to endure, to live.


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