Two Most Important Attributes to Succeed

Several of my past posts have covered theories about success. Some of those posts are quite detailed. Let’s move beyond theory into reality.

You need two basic things to succeed:

  1. A good and acceptable personality. The term in professional circles is chemistry.
  2. Acceptable communication skills. This means you present well.

That is it basically.

The rest of it such as hard work, education, skills, and talent are things of temporary value. They have limited shelf life and are generally situation specific. When the need for skills of a certain level end, so ends the value of those skills in the situation in which those skills applied. Same goes for talent, hard work, and certain kinds of education. Yet, those things can enhance the favorability of those that meet the two basic criteria outlined above.

The equation is (((The Two Basic Criteria) * (Education + Skills + Hard work)) * (Natural Personal Appeal)) – (Negative External Factors or History) = Ultimate Success Potential. Exceptions can exist, but not usually. If you understand these principles, and can navigate away from the more severe consequences of not naturally possessing these attributes, you can do OK. Likewise, having these attributes in sync means your forward traction can be quite high leading towards success.


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