Sober Perception Breeds Good Judgement of Our Economy

The US economy seems like it is broken, so goes the video, A Cure for Capitalism. Regardless of your views, the speaker in the video has some great advice to share. You do not have to watch the video, nor be read up on the latest economic forecasts to see that things are not what they were in terms of opportunity, prosperity, and money circulation. I routinely pretend as if things are okay, but occasionally, I see a few things that show me the economic challenges of our times. As we mentally push through the pronouncements of economic decay and turmoil on the horizon, many of us will continue work jobs, participate in society as have generations before and do well in many ways. Some people say the entire economy will crash. Perhaps or maybe not. The important thing is to deal with the reality and build a map in your mind for how to navigate this world. This blog post is a range of observations I have about the general economic environment in which we operate. Continue reading


A Lesson About Enthusiasm in Sales

Without question, we all buy belief at certain points in our lives. Yes, belief is a product. Sometimes, belief is the product. Belief can be demonstrated through enthusiasm and genuine, authentic enthusiasm can be felt. When enthusiasm becomes contagious, strong connections follow and activity takes place. An exception to this rule does exist. It is a lesson about when enthusiasm must be put on hold. Continue reading