A Lesson About Enthusiasm in Sales

Without question, we all buy belief at certain points in our lives. Yes, belief is a product. Sometimes, belief is the product. Belief can be demonstrated through enthusiasm and genuine, authentic enthusiasm can be felt. When enthusiasm becomes contagious, strong connections follow and activity takes place. An exception to this rule does exist. It is a lesson about when enthusiasm must be put on hold.

Clarity is Sometimes Better than Belief

Some types of sales are complicated. Sometimes the answers are not clear-cut and sometimes the obvious choice may not be the right choice. In those situations, a naturally enthusiastic disposition can interfere with achieving clarity for the customer. Enthusiasm can make sales, enthusiasm can take you down the road of common rapport, but sometimes enthusiasm is the wrong expression for a sales situation. There are times where there are multiple choices for your customers and the best way to navigate those choices is through calm, paced, concise dialog about those options until the apparent right fit becomes obvious.

Over Eagerness Can be a Huge Turnoff

Moderating enthusiasm is sometimes the best way to even out the energy in the room. We all have known people described as a pushy sales person or leaves little room to breathe or no space to think about potential choices. Such persons may sometimes drive away any discussion about products and services. There many, many situations where such over enthusiastic behaviors are quite acceptable. Just as well, there at times when the audience needs less energy and more solid and candid conversation.

Walk in Another’s Shoes

It is natural for a person involved in sales to have personal preferences in the products and solutions they sell. One way to better serve customers is to walk in their shoes and try to more fully see things from their point of view. Our own judgement may be different if we were buying product or solution XYZ. The mental breakthrough is when given the customer’s actual requirements and your knowledge of the available options, what is the right choice(s)? At that point, when they know and are highly certain they have the right solution do you also know that you have truly done a great service.


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