Moving from GDP to the Shift Index

Steve Denning has presented a clear narration of the Shift Index as a more reliable way to measure economic growth and general business ROI. The image of economic stability and improvement that Steve Denning builds, which seems to come from a strongly rigorous methodology, shows an economic climate that is far more challenged than intuitively perceived. He reveals a business climate that will be increasingly starved of growth and possibly undermined by modern methods of productivity. Continue reading


An Economist Shares Reservations About Modern Economic Leadership

I do not know the track record of Mr. El-Erian in terms of economic analysis or policy, but I have seen him a number of times on CNN and feel he deals with economic issues fairly. He shared some of his insights on recent and upcoming dialog between the Fed and Congress in a deeply revealing article on BloombergView. The article goes into short detail about what he sees as some of the economic issues (jobs, financial market stability, and probable investor response) and sense of how those issues might be dealt with in discussion between the Fed and Congress. In short, the prognosis is not positive. More to come.

Scientists May have Proof that Intelligence Potential is Genetic

A study was done that may show intelligence potential may be based more on nature than nurture. If the results of such research, and substantial future studies, is ever extrapolated into the  dispositions of people and shown true, then it could change things. I think more information in this direction will emerge in the decades to come. If validated, the insight could affect how policy and society evolves to achieve social aims more realistically. Continue reading

Authentically Certain CEOs Get Top Billing

Forbes shares the results of a research study that shows a link between CEO pay and personality. Basically, CEOs with the most confidence, certainty, focus, and innate drive are shown to be the most capable. The article shows these traits as a negative in terms of personality. Personality is somewhat fixed but how it is expressed can be addressed in a way that is productive. You could say that this is the case in the study.