Scientists May have Proof that Intelligence Potential is Genetic

A study was done that may show intelligence potential may be based more on nature than nurture. If the results of such research, and substantial future studies, is ever extrapolated into the  dispositions of people and shown true, then it could change things. I think more information in this direction will emerge in the decades to come. If validated, the insight could affect how policy and society evolves to achieve social aims more realistically.

One would do well not to misread the study in terms of social values. All are worthy of dignity, respect and prosperity. Rather, what the study might show is that the phenomenon of talent and natural gift is real. What you do can be better than the average. Yet, higher endowments of skill, insight, and natural competence does not impart a higher worthiness to the bounty of life.

You can go further to see that what the study actually reveals is that nurture can affect generations. That is to say that nature is influenced by what came before. Therefore to benefit those of the future requires investments in the generations present. The plan then is that a society that achieves higher virtues and more commonly greater understanding and accomplishment is one in which whose predecessors were generally moving and striving along the same direction.

Absent these investments and commitment to the success of all, then yes, some will rise far above the rest. In that case Malthus will be proven right and the Social Darwinian dream will be fulfilled. A different outcome is possible, both for individuals and communities.


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