Deciding Your Goal in Life – A Prelude

Be yourself.

Be comfortable with your personality, but I encourage benevolence with strength, even as you pursue both what you do and how you act in a more excellent way. You do have to observe the rules and customs of a situation. That is only proper, but that is behavior and not personality. Personality is how you feel and how you see things and that can endure most situations.

One day you will succeed the first time to achieve a great and difficult goal. Things will settle for a moment and you begin to wonder what is the next great horizon to strive towards and strive past. It all crystallizes into a momentary crisis in which you ask what do you do now? Now that you have achieved what you set out to achieve, what becomes the professional or social purpose that drives your efforts? The question is, what’s next?

When you meet this question a few times, it is then revealed to you the truth. Goals without an acceptable follow-up course become a fence that can be acceptable at times to occupy long-term. At other times you may feel unable to grow beyond your own achievements. It is in this latter case you begin to realize that career ascendancy and higher greater purpose constitute a journey rather than a destination.


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