The Neil Young Experience

I happened to see a Charlie Rose interview of Neil Young on 10/30/2014. If you have a chance to see the interview, you should. Other persons interviewed was Philippe De Montebello who described well some of the great art in the world as well as Sheryl WuDunn who elevated the conversation about prosperity for the poor. I was greatly enlightened by their comments and perspectives. Continue reading


Terrorism is Not the Threat Advertised

It seems we are becoming aware of more individuals creating physical harm in the name of certain ideologies. The harm caused is not worthy of a modern age and we do need to better address these matters. At the same time, we have to remember that these are individuals. We cannot allow their actions to provoke us to mania, sensational emphasis of their actions, or to otherwise rob us of our good sense of how a free society operates. Continue reading


Developing Your Talent

Is there such a thing as natural talent. Yes. Talent must be developed however. Talent is also not the beginning or the end of genius or accomplishment. Nor is skill dependent on knowledge alone. The question is how do we become really good at something? It comes down to 2 things and only 2 things.

First, you must do.

Second, you must understand. Continue reading