Developing Your Talent

Is there such a thing as natural talent. Yes. Talent must be developed however. Talent is also not the beginning or the end of genius or accomplishment. Nor is skill dependent on knowledge alone. The question is how do we become really good at something? It comes down to 2 things and only 2 things.

First, you must do.

Second, you must understand.

Going back and forth between doing and knowing is how you become better.

Of course other things can affect the quality of doing and knowing. Things like having the opportunity, creating the opportunity, environmental factors, cultural or social. We can apply doing and knowing to those things as well in order to improve our engagement with those core processes we would truly intend to improve. The philosophy is excellence for its own sake.

Commitment to the cycle of doing and knowing, in that order, because you have to try first to see what you retained as to knowledge or need to reattain as the prerequisite to do well. This is the rythym of activity. Difficult, sometimes exceedingly boring, sometimes humbling and personally devastating at times but always necessary to become better.


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