Terrorism is Not the Threat Advertised

It seems we are becoming aware of more individuals creating physical harm in the name of certain ideologies. The harm caused is not worthy of a modern age and we do need to better address these matters. At the same time, we have to remember that these are individuals. We cannot allow their actions to provoke us to mania, sensational emphasis of their actions, or to otherwise rob us of our good sense of how a free society operates.

These are individuals and their actions should not be amplified. Instead, it is causes that we may want to which we want to pay attention. I have observed that there are common threads in many of these cases. Drugs, deepening criminality, economics, family difficulties, and a range matters that point difficulties in coping with problems or finding firm footing in life. Acting out in a shocking and unconventional way seems more to me an attempt to gain fame to mitigate a circumstance of personal shame.

If we are not careful we will tune into a steady hysteria that talks us out of the potential for a freer society. Whichever way is everyone’s choice of course. Terrorism is not the threat advertised. Individuals with under the influence of severe dissatisfaction cannot undermine a community. They cannot destroy institutions of leadership or take away public protection. Individuals seeking to create a shocking situation cannot destroy the world. Not without the assistance of everyone else conceding their right to normalcy and reasonable function.


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