Critical Thinking is Achievable

It seems some currently think that critical thinking skills are on the wane. I studied critical thinking about 10 years ago and found it to be an immensely valuable framework for considering things about the world. One of the resources I used was materials provided by Linda Elder and Richard Paul has written some valuable articles and books on the subject as well as delivered talks. They have what seems to be a nice set of video resources on Youtube.

I cannot say that I mastered what they shared but I can say their view on critical thinking brings many things into focus. Their book on is an excellent read well worth the time. What can be done about the proliferation of critical thinking? Simply introducing people to it. I do feel it is not the only valid way to consider information but it is a useful tool at times. Over time, avenues such as Khan Academy and others will spread this concept to more people. In the meantime, it is best to remember that critical thinking is like many other things. It takes practice, study, and practice.


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