The Neil Young Experience

I happened to see a Charlie Rose interview of Neil Young on 10/30/2014. If you have a chance to see the interview, you should. Other persons interviewed was Philippe De Montebello who described well some of the great art in the world as well as Sheryl WuDunn who elevated the conversation about prosperity for the poor. I was greatly enlightened by their comments and perspectives.

I did find some of Neil Young’s statements disruptive in a positive way. He indicated that many of us can feel that something is wrong in the world today and that the direction needs to be adjusted. One of the biggest ideas he shared though was at the beginning of his discussion. It concerned music and how music was once a real, visceral experience but now it is just content. Music has become a commodity that doesn’t connect you to a new experience but is just another thing. He is optimistic about analog versus digital as sampling technology and techniques improves to narrow the gap.

Neil spoke about farmers who are no longer allowed to choose the seeds they can put in the ground and the loss of freedom that seems to imply. I never really thought of it that way, but it makes you think about the nature of progress.

He pointed out how Germany is making a huge shift to renewable energy that will not just benefit their economic situation but have positive side-effects on the environment. During conversation, he highlighted the idea of the green pump. Just have a green pump at the gas station and perhaps the competition would be enough to trigger more positive change. Yes, it was good to be introduced to these ideas.

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