Richard Branson is Right on Space Flight

Myself, I am all about Earth and that we have to improve things in how we live day-to-day. Scientific and technological advances that emerge from explorations in and activities dealing with Space does have an impact on society. Many of the benefits we gain from science and technology, some come from the study of the stars and things related to the stars. It is an agency of research, exploration, and activity that we benefit from in many ways. Richard Branson has recently described space flight as a difficult but necessary enterprise to undertake. As we learn from our challenges with reaching the stars and conducting work in that environment, the chances to improve conditions on the ground improve a little more. On that note, the movie, Interstellar will be in theaters on 7 Nov. and should go far to describe, in fiction no less, some ideas that the great artistic enterprise that is movie entertainment has to share regarding the concept of Space. It should prove both intriguing and thought-provoking.


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