Life is Immortal

Life itself is immortal. Living material can survive the harsh extremes of nature including re-entry into a planet’s atmosphere. Research findings from scientists confirms that some of the most basic life patterns can endure some of the most challenging journeys. Certainly, evidence of this exists on Earth. Places like the Atacama Desert in which exists an area of land almost devoid of signs of life but in which bacteria exists with nearby flush with flora. Of course, we cannot forget the thermophiles, a type of life that thrives in an environment some of us macro organisms might find quite unappealing, but a life they do lead.

No, people are not engaged in a physically immortal life but the substance of life continues endlessly. Sometimes new life of a macro organic form can take centuries or eons to emerge or re-emerge. The process often proceeds slowly in adaptation to environment, but the life is there. If the substance of life can live nearly universally, maybe across the universe, could that life evolve to even exist in the great vacuum itself? Someday, science may discover this conclusively. As generations transition from yesterday to today into tomorrow, what they leave behind inevitably serves as the basis for new physical life across the entire spectrum from microbes to forests and all in-between. While personalities may fade, otherwise, life is forever.


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