The 2014 Experience

It was a better year for me, in general, than the few years prior. Not a great year, but a better year. I am thankful that the span of 2014 was fairly good, steady, and productive. Several challenges arose. I lived through them. Most of 2014 was a more rigorous journey through many aspects of personal and professional relationships. A journey that slowly spun up the last third of 2012 and grew steadily until taking center stage the middle of 2013. I came face-to-face with matters of relationships that I seldom considered through most of the past or in which my general circumstances diverted attention elsewhere. Continue reading


Living Without a True Family

The modern life brings many great things. Medical science that saves lives. Communications technology that broadens minds and eases the flow of information for work and play. Wonders of engineering that allows more people to occupy less space. The modern world is a marvel in which cultural traditions merge and morph to transform cuisines, garments, and the common expressions of understanding. Society in general has access to much that is good. A danger awaits. Continue reading