Body Cams Will Cause More Problems

With or without cams, emotions can still rise. When the emotions rise, few will remember they are wearing a camera. The camera will not solve the basic issues before society today.

A camera is a technology. A technological solution sometimes work and sometimes it does not. Perhaps a better solution is to research and determine better constraint technology as one of the key issue is lethality of methods and the reactions in situations that brought that lethality into action.

The events leading up to the recommendation for body cams may seem to justify their use. The FOIA request system though connected to the storage of body cam footage is actually going to cause more harm.

Think about what happens when footage from a body cam routinely leaks onto the Web or such video is made available through third-party websites that resale them.

It means that, socially, people will never get beyond the public display of even the most minimal errors of judgement they have long moved past.


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