Climate Change Requires Planning

When you look at the surface of the planet from outer space, you’ll find that even at night, the ground is warmer. When you correct for the presence of indoor/outdoor lighting, mechanical water heating systems, and the movement of heat emitting vehicles, there is more heat. I am conjecturing in that previous statement but one thing is for sure, carbon particulates amassed in the atmosphere are certainly the primary party in the retention of both solar heat. The retention of this heat can be a huge problem in terms of the long-term viability of people in the present form of civilization.

The BBC has two separate reports that show the World on course for warmest year and that Major Deltas could be drowned. That is a problem in terms of available livable land, the associated natural resources that may serve research in medicine as well as inputs for food and fresh water. It is not the end of the world but the developing situation brings a more unbearable situation much closer.

Did people cause this? I am not an advocate of that view. Rather, I think the best course of action is to plan and execute a plan to mitigate the effects and causes of the situation. The answer is not geo engineering. The general natural environment is not one that we should experiment with at this time. Our efforts there could produce worse effects. Rather, the ideal approach are actions, investments, and practices that contribute less stress to the environment in which we live.


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