Mediterranean Diet as Medicine

Exercise, sleep, diet, and mindset are the 4 parts of a healthy life.

Sleep helps your mind and body recover and refresh. Excercise causes cellular machinery for the mind and body to actively cleanse and reinforce the body’s materials. Mindset self encourages the body to favor nourishment over excessive inflammation. Each of these things are important but the body requires input from outside. The role of diet is as important as what you allow into your mind.

Forbes speaks about A Link Between A Mediterranean Diet And A Long Life. Part of the general diet I have observed for many years is a plant-based diet. This diet has most of the components of a Mediterranean diet. I can say provides tremendous benefit. My weight is balanced, my energy levels even, and my cravings generally modest.

Food is part of the cycle of health. What you eat is important. Simple meals of the Mediterranean variety can be useful. When prepared properly, they introduce a moment of balance in taste and disposition. Embracing this diet may not be the key to a long life and it will not make you impervious to illness but it can improve the life nonetheless.


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