World Problems Can Be Solved by Environment

What is the political, social, and economic environment in which people live? Making these environments better for more people is the answer to reducing things like modern slavery that the Pope has spoke out on that is still active in parts of the world and reducing most types of crime. I wager that in the majority of cases involving a scandal, controversy, or heart wrenching social issue on display in real life or the media, one of the issues of policy, society, or economics is an underlying factor.

Economics relates to the person on the street corner. This person may be occupying a space in a socially unacceptable way. They may have parked themselves there, attempting a form of entrepreneurship that is legally unacceptable. They are approached and the situation decays into a regrettable outcome. Would that person’s life have been different if they had a good job, was engaged in appropriate processes that saw this person in a more productive and socially acceptable situation? The answer is most likely yes. Add up the yes situations and you see a huge decrease in situations that we otherwise would disapprove.

Policy relates to the person whose private problems are solved by society in a way that is unbalanced. General sentiment may be to solve certain problems in a more even way, but the weight of policy goes too far to resolve matters. The result is that the individual’s ability to improve and contribute to society in a much more productive way is greatly constrained.

The environment in which people live influences all people in a given environment. The ultimate technology to solve problems is not gadgets and communication technologies. Rather, it is the buildings we inhabit, the places we can or cannot occupy, and beyond technology it is the permissive access to productive activity and mercy that nourishes more persons in a way that situate them in a place of peace rather than adversity.


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