US Constitution May Become Irrelevant – Part 2

As the years pass, I begin to wonder if what I was taught about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence was nothing more than historical trivia. It is like learning things that are interesting to know and that explain why we, as a society, live the way we do, but in which the details are not actually important. Free Speech does exist but then again it kind of doesn’t. I am referring to rules such as warrantless capture of private information that creates a censoring effect that erodes or outright destroys pure expression.

How about the one about freedom from unwanted search and seizure? Well, that is becoming so much a gray area now as to be the opposite of its stated intent. The problem you see is that there is a tremendous amount of fear that exists when it comes to running a country. It is hard to trust people when there are so many of them and their communications are less influenced by traditional synchronizing methods. Guilt must be assumed until extensive research and observation of consistent behavioral patterns proves innocence. This of course is all conjecture as we know very well that the U.S. Constitution still informs from on high as to everywhere else it applies.


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