US Constitution May Become Irrelevant – Part 3

We are living in the future in the aspirational sense. The future where everything is so modern, advanced, and breathtakingly transcendent. Even the rules we live by are exceedingly evolved. Those generations past who set the world on a great course are honored in the recognition of such hallowed writings such as the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. They are great documents that I can remember as a very young person as having a larger than life stature that informed the wisdom of society in a direct way. We followed those documents almost literally in how we decided matters of great importance. Today, we are much more evolved.

Some will say that the Internet and the pace of technology helped destroy the old America. Those things democratized too much expression and ushered in the need for persons to express themselves in a more responsible way. Others may say that the moral inspiration for ancient American laws are not relevant in a modern world. The common good is served when the individual is efficiently withheld in their natural exercise of even the most seemingly benign acts of discourse in order to mitigate potential social disruption. The whole works best when all are rallied into harmony towards the efficient conduct of the whole. It is indeed a more peaceful way of life.


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