The 2014 Experience

It was a better year for me, in general, than the few years prior. Not a great year, but a better year. I am thankful that the span of 2014 was fairly good, steady, and productive. Several challenges arose. I lived through them. Most of 2014 was a more rigorous journey through many aspects of personal and professional relationships. A journey that slowly spun up the last third of 2012 and grew steadily until taking center stage the middle of 2013. I came face-to-face with matters of relationships that I seldom considered through most of the past or in which my general circumstances diverted attention elsewhere.

I lost my automobile in the latter part of 2012. That meant that a friend drove me to work and back the whole work week for several months (with intermittent, long-distance bicycle rides by yours truly when that was not feasible) until I could get a replacement vehicle. He was a true hero. That began to reintroduce me to the concept of interdependence long foreign to my understanding. Conditions in 2013 would reveal more about that concept with greater tempo and regularity. Work situations changed and I became far more involved with highly engaged professional relationship activities. What I have learned in these situations has definitely changed my outlook.

As most have, I have learned things from the media. The world is not as optimal as it might have once appeared. Perhaps the appearance always was just that. Yet, if the majority of individuals can make it through tough situations, so can the world. A spiritual leader has arisen who is having beneficial impact on things that matter. Things like peace, with the US-Cuba deal as a recent example and the expected pronouncements on climate change as another. Some people disagree on these things but the main point is that regardless of the state of the world, you can always count on someone, somewhere striving for positive change. That is what makes me hopeful about life is that while people have the survival instinct to put their interests ahead of others, they also have the capacity for genuine altruism.

I did encounter some truly dark moments in 2014. They were darker in some cases than the survival and career issues I contended with in the years before. Maybe because the general context in which I operated was different, I proceeded through them with a better insights and resolutions than I would otherwise expect. Some of my hopes were not fulfilled in 2014, but I have patience for the journey ahead. I did witness some truly positive things throughout the year. Excellent outcomes involving others that has created good closure a range of matters. On the whole though, most of my days in 2014 were good, I experienced many positive things I never imagined I would be involved with, and I saw more genuine acts of goodness than I can remember. It was a good year overall.


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