Holistic Thought Perspective

Higher order form active through a plurality of higher order conditions. Otherwise known as the drive of life. Higher order form realized becomes part of the next cycle of a successive higher form. An accretive process that defines the implicate agenda of beings concordant with things and thoughts. The enhanced total experience and operant condition successively refined through applied improved understanding.


What versus Why

If we strive to accept the what over the why, place exactitude before essence, we inevitably set course to a lifeless destination. An existence counter to complete living. We must see more clearly that meaning and/or materials are in balance with the total self operating in the ultimate reality.

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Telling Ourselves the Truth

What if running the mind on autopilot makes it more difficult to see the truth? That question may not be important for everyone who reads it. I find it very important as a step towards improvement. A better life that is better sustainable and clearly thought about is possible. Some writings from Greg Satell has edged forward my thoughts on that a bit. Continue reading


Middle-class Reality

MSN has an article from the Associated Press that looks at one person’s experience in the economy. The article is painful to read because it shows real-world difficulty in a first world economy. I can fully relate to what is going on in the article and had to think about some things I said recently. The article talks about someone who tried to do the right things including entrepreneurship on the fly, government assistance, and do work without an improvement in compensation. What is middle-class? Continue reading


What A Million People Said About Productivity

It starts with discipline. Sustained productivity that leads to consistent results is a lifestyle. Travis Bradberry describes the attributes of the productive person in his article, How Successful People Stay Productive and In Control. It is a 12-point list of behaviors that seem to lead to higher productivity. Apparently over a million people were part of a test that brought out these common factors. That could be statistically significant.


Do Not Be Generic

Ever heard the term, Jack of all Trades, Master of None? Most of us who use that term usually leave off the last part. Describing ourselves to others as broadly versatile seems like the best description of competence, but it is really a statement about our willingness to adapt. It is good in that sense, but incomplete in another. Continue reading


Liz Ryan Has Great Career Ideas

I have taken notice of a few articles from Liz Ryan lately. She is someone with an advanced HR background who helps run a business dealing in matters around people, strategy, and idea formation. She has great ideas concerning career matters. At first, I did not know how to take her writing. I then realized she operates outside the box and that could be useful in moving beyond conventional approaches that may have grown less effective. There are no guarantees but her articles are a great resource for people to consider.