Do Not Believe in Capitalism

Isms can be dangerous if they operate from the wrong focus. Capitalism is one of those isms that I now understand is a process with good intentions but is, in fact, destructive. Profit as the center of the universe operates against diminishes the person in favor of the material.

Obviously, in hindsight, when profit is pursued to the extreme, you may lose too much. Can you turn it around before the corrosion goes too far? Everything else that may be important such as clean air, healthy food, natural peace, and prosperous relationships among more people may be unwittingly surrendered to intense material accumulation. Anyway, I’ve always overlooked claims about the dangers of capitalism because it looked as if it worked okay.

Merchant activity, buying and selling has existed for thousands of years. Trade will always exist. We all have the capacity to do business in the form of trade. Merchant activity is not in question. What is questionable are the particular prerogatives that capitalism, distinct from trade, encourages.

How did I come to accept this? That is a slightly deeper story, involving a private discussion about the state of the world. I advocated for the world as it is. Yet, I later decided to look into the claims made about the current system. I learned details of things I was previously unmotivated to find. One of the things I found was a thorough description of the negative impact of capitalism. The article titled, That Was Easy: In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth, helped me to see in a more holistic way symptoms I have observed during my lifetime thus far.

Once upon a time, I questioned everything in the world. As a young person and a young adult, there were things in the world, in how they operated and were defined that I thought were odd. I could never explain it. I was an intuitive person who saw many examples of illogic. As I got much older I began to put aside my doubts. I reasoned that I misunderstood since things seem to work. I began to drift into default acceptance of what is. Great multitudes of today’s youth see similar things. Things that cannot really be justified as the negative effects are becoming less easy to ignore and absurd to defend.

Based on what I see in the world, capitalism no longer seems reasonable. I will continue to study business as trade activity is a normal process. The ideology of capitalism is another matter. I do not believe in capitalism.

Democracy and capitalism are not the same things. Keep the democracy, eject the capitalism. Our elected officials can end this system. It is policy that establishes the conditions that prefer capitalism. It is policy that can prefer something else.

In light of larger concerns around peace, sustainability, and ecology, the premise for capitalism is flawed. The effects are corrosive. Do not believe in capitalism.

Material largess is not the measure of one’s life. The worthiness of one’s life does not need proof. I believe the greatest minds today can find a better solution. A better way to live and correspond is possible. We need only find it together.


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