Your Value in Life is Independent of your Hierarchical Status

All people who value the life of others have value regardless of their position in society. Believe that because it is true. You could spend your entire life chasing titles and attributions that would raise you up in the eyes of others. The process you undertake to obtain those things can improve your capabilities. Ability does not equal your ultimate value. Continue reading


Shaping Environment for Potential

Statistical models could be brought to bear to ascertain many of the optimal environmental conditions for higher potential. A business psychologist by the name of Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic has some good thoughts on measuring potential. At a macro level, such measurements may be useful in nudging socioeconomic reality in a more pleasing direction.

Darwinian Thought Experiment – Nature versus Nurture

Sulfur bacteria was discovered that has not evolved in 2.3 billion years. That is about as half as long as the Earth has existed as of this writing. It is also a very, very long time not to change. A rare instance in which the maxim, the only constant is change, is suspended or made irrelevant. Scientists in the article says this certifies Darwin’s ideas on evolution. Continue reading

Beyoncé and Vegan Food

I always thought there was a huge business opportunity to have more Vegan and Vegetarian oriented restaurants, eateries, and services. It would be great to have a true vegan burger option as common place as other burger choices are today.

Forbes reports that Beyoncé is going to lead a new venture to make vegan selection more available through her company 22 Days Nutrition. It is the kind of entrepreneurial activity that is sure to trigger repeats that may offer a refreshing update to the modern diet. Continue reading