Your Value in Life is Independent of your Hierarchical Status

All people who value the life of others have value regardless of their position in society. Believe that because it is true. You could spend your entire life chasing titles and attributions that would raise you up in the eyes of others. The process you undertake to obtain those things can improve your capabilities. Ability does not equal your ultimate value.

You are valuable simply as an inalienable right. A gift bestowed the day you were born until last second you depart for greater things. I pondered this recently. My own slightly rhetorical question was if I do not achieve all that I can, am I worthless. Immediately the question was I have worth as all people do. Why is what I say true?

Broadly speaking, it is as I said, you are valuable just for being alive. Specifically, any of us, when pressed on the matter, will choose to live rather than perish easily. When we are young, we fervently believe in our own potential. If we believed earnestly in our worth when young, certainly the only thing between then and now is the passage of time. We are still alive. As we live our worth does not diminish.

A man, pure of heart once asked, “is not life greater than food, and our bodies greater than the clothes we wear”? The highest law of our entire civilization is the law against death. Surely, what we know of that law is that all people who value life are entitled remain living deserving of life in full.

But that is my belief. What do others have to say on this in recent time? Bill Gates does have large social stature but he says that comparing ourselves to others diminishes us. His quote on the matter is cited in a article titled, The Ultimate Goal Is To Be Better Today Than Yesterday, With A Plan To Become Even Better Tomorrow. I share the perspective described in that article.

We should always respect everyone. Those who exercise their responsibilities for our activities, we should honor well and eagerly heed their guidance. They who achieve greater knowledge and wisdom, we should cherish and seek to better understand so that we may share in their abundance of insight. Character is the rule of all. The goal is not to exceed others but to enhance our capacities so that the result of our efforts, whether directly or indirectly, improves our life and those of others.


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