Living without Food

Many of us are accustomed to a regular diet and would think nothing of abstaining from food. Some do refrain from food however. Reasons for doing so vary but it is a misconception that you need food, “every day” to live. Food can be given up. It may be given up for reasons of faith or for reasons of political solidarity. It may also benefit health.

The statements given here can be found elsewhere. A web search may pull up interesting information on a lady who is on day 82 of a hunger strike here in 2015. Other accounts like this probably exist that I am unaware of, but it seems that the body has a powerful ability to continue on water and the smallest subsistence. You can live without food.

Actually it depends on your body, physical condition, and mental state, but others in the past have gone the distance on little to nothing. Around 2004, when I was much younger, I went through 5 days of just water. It was painful but thoroughly cleansing. I also decided not to do that again.

Information exists that suggest that 1 or 2 full days each week of abstention from food can reduce the onset of senility later in life. Further, other benefits exist in the realm of health. I happened upon this information spontaneously and I was quite surprised at the amount of information that showed the benefits. I did expect to see a higher amount of rejection of food abstention on the basis of health. Consequently, there is even governmental guidance on its effects on things like cancer for example.

You do want to seek medical advice on such things. You definitely need to understand your body. Assuming such, food abstention is a very good thing if you can mentally accept it. An additional benefit certainly is in the areas of discipline, self-control, and introspection. Going back to the beginning however, there are other reasons to pursue it. Those other reasons make it a potent journey indeed.


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