Nashville on its Way to Mega Metropolis

I lived in Nashville for 7+ years and I really enjoyed living there as the city seemed to have the perfect mix of many things. It was like living in New York with a sustainable cost of living. In 2015, a few individuals are running for mayor and I was intrigued by David Fox’s thoughts of the loss of the Nashville Way. He may have a point.

Nashville has become a water faucet of money. The floodgates seem wide open for a growing number of major businesses to relocate from California and other places to Nashville. It is a place where you can live even a pre-affluent life fueled by a middle class income. Life in Nashville is nothing to complain about but as the place gets bigger, will it be a sustainable community in terms of overall life balance? It may be, but I’ve learned to be cautious of very fast growth.

Surrounding cities including but not limited to Dickerson, Franklin, Smyrna, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Hermitage, Chattanooga and others are undoubtedly beneficiaries of this surge in investment. Hopefully, this will transpire into real opportunities for persons, communities, and areas traditionally starved economically. One thing is for sure, Nashville in 6 years will be much different and certainly that will be the case over the next 18 years. What was once small communities will become these hi-tech centers of ultra modern living. That will change the politics and it will reshape the values.

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