Flexible Exit Ability

All kinds of myths exist about the character of the rich. I do not know the full truth about that topic. I doubt anyone does in full. I do know that a person’s behavior is affected by the resources they have. The error to avoid is to become an inwardly caustic person due to the power wealth bestows upon you. We all have a choice of what to believe and recover to despite daily errors and being rich doesn’t mean having ill regard to others. It may mean being more aware of your choices because you have greater control over temporal consequences.

Times emerge in a person’s life when the circumstances cease to be the most conducive to their forward progress in life. It is times such as those where there is no doubt that transition to a more favorable circumstance is in order. People lacking wealth often fail to transact such choices and must endure challenges. While it is true that conditions can serve to refine the soul higher, they are just as likely to chronically undermine a person’s possibilities for genuine total health and a better life experience.

Sometimes you do need the power to walk away in a manner that does not destroy you in a temporal sense. That is the freedom that rich people have. It is good freedom that can allow people to balance their relationships in such a way that may be more sustainable. No one should worship money and it can be the root of evil if you place it first in all things. Money is a proxy for the material in this sense. Yet, having it and making the wise decisions that leads to growing it to the right level can work in favor of higher ends and more useful situations.

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