Better People Because of Machines

Ed Hess is one of my favorite business thinkers in the area of entrepreneurship. I first learned of him during a time when I was watching videos on Youtube on a regular basis (it was a 3-month period). The video presentation, So You Want to Start a Business, was well delivered in which he got to the point of business. You have a product or service and people buy from you why? It is a thought-provoking question that leads you to consider if your business is the right one to embark on.

Recently, Ed Hess had a message of a more global nature. He writes in a article, 21st Century Smart: Staying Relevant In The Artificial Intelligence Age, about the qualities people will need to thrive in a world where machines do many of the jobs past generations took for granted. The article helped me answer a question I have been pondering for a few years.

It begins with an interpretation of Aristotle. It is understood by several readers of Aristotle that his recipe for a happy life, a good life is intellectual contemplation. I accept that and the reason is that contemplation is at the root of inward transformation that leads to greater outcomes. That is where the machines come into the conversation.

Precision in the background enabling a greater nuanced life in the foreground. Continue reading


Old People Young Again

The experiment known as the Counterclockwise Study in which residents of a nursing home were invited to be as they were when they were young is intriguing. I am an older person, by society’s standards, who outwardly looks 10 or 20 years younger according to many people I have met. I give credit to life style choices involving diet, stress management, and other things. My hair is graying more and I wonder if one day my body will change in which I start to look my real age. The Counterclockwise Study discussed on was interesting to me because I wonder about health as time progress. Can the body stay vital, the mind sharp, and the sight of nature quietly thrilling? Continue reading

Why the World Seems Chaotic

The world seems more different today to some people than it should be. I am speaking of those persons known to share opinions that are a variation of the theme, social values have gone into decline, we are headed into moral decay, and the fabric of society is unraveling. Less stark than this are those thoughts that technology is diminishing the connections between people while destroying individual worth. A far milder sentiment is that our creative and intellectual endeavors are less profound in their noble impact. As someone coming up in the society, I attempted to understand these points of view. I have read various books and research materials that explored this and heard many arguments that make the case that these things are true. I am aware of a different truth now. Continue reading