Life is Choice

Life is choice. It is not a game, it is all real. Moment to moment carries many possibilities. Our choices make some of those possibilities more certain than others. That is the point. To participate in the cycle of evolution.

God created life and formed souls with the freedom to choose. The opportunity to decide what you will be. Not in material but in essence. To decide how you will correspond to the rest of creation.

People have lived who have demonstrated a more straightforward way to live that imply better choices. Their wisdom resonates with many who seek to correspond better with life. Not in a superficial sense but in substance.

Wisdom can be found in many teachings and examples from history. They contribute to the fullness of understanding and living. I have found the way of Jesus to be the most profound and complete representation of a higher choice spectrum. A difficult path to be sure, but worthwhile all the same.

The path you follow though is your choice and that is the point. Live true to yourself. Sometimes the way to do that is unclear and that is the benefit of striving to observe the wisdom of the ages.


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