In Memoriam, the Biden Family 5/31

Mr. Biden is a man of great character, a living testament of faith over difficulty. His son did great service to a nation that needed his gifts during a trying period of the nation’s history. The Biden family is a noble family. Their life, remains a grace for us all.


Root of Relationships

I met someone recently. A learned expert in psychology who works at a university. It was a rare meeting and I had only a few moments to learn something important I was curious about. I asked them, what is at the foundation of human relationships? They took time to think on this and after about a minute the response was complete and concise. The reply was that you have to be honest with yourself before you can have trust with others. It was brilliantly stated and I believe the most accurate description I have heard. Continue reading

People, and a 3 Million Year History

New archaeological findings indicate that people have been around a looong time. About 3.3 million years it looks like. That is an accounting using exact evidence and verification techniques. Go back in the history of archaeology and you will find it was once accepted that people existed for thousands, then hundreds of thousands of years, and later a cool million. Each new major find pushes further back in time. What if the existence of people spans a much longer time frame? Continue reading

A Long Recovery Stretch

We seem to be in a much looonger than expected economic recovery. Not quite 10 years but getting there fast. The Atlantic says this month that The Economy Is Still Terrible for Young People and wonders Why Recent Graduates Don’t Negotiate. Actually, there are far more people than these two groups in the same situation but those articles talk about conditions that can be measured. While we should remain largely optimistic as unbridled negativity can be counterproductive, realism is always necessary. It is way past time to start actively thinking about solutions.

Think about this. If you say to yourself every week it is bound to get better in the next month or next year, you cannot be surprised that 10 years later, you simply languished as things did not get better. Think forward as to how to change that picture 10 years from now. That, is what has been missing from the larger conversation. Seeing potential, skills, and potentially valuable capacity to contribute atrophy is not exactly a great outcome. Other paths are possible. Continue reading

Good Seasoning Mix and Prep

A basic recipe that is extraordinarily good. This is an approximation. Surely done elsewhere. Excellent by experience.

Tumeric Cinnamon-Ginger Mix

  • About 3 spoons of Ground Tumeric
  • About 1 spoon of Ground Ginger
  • About 2 spoons of Ground Cinnamon
  • About 2 pinches of Ground Cayenne Pepper
  • About 1 spoon of Chopped, Dried Parsley

Mix it all together very well.

Vegetable Prep

All cut vegetables into a bowl. Douse with olive oil. Make sure vegetables are fully coated in oil. Pour the Tumeric Cinnamon-Ginger Mix. Stir the mix to cover all the vegetables thoroughly. Continue reading