Surveillance State is Our Destiny

People will disagree with the title of this post but it is true. We were promised change we can believe in and instead given change we still disbelieve to this day. How could it be? That is the question. How could this be?

Nothing to say except many of us disagree with this. Democracy has become a way for us to feel empowered, but not to be empowered. Those are hollow words because the framework for change is still there. We all are complicit in what we find to be a disagreeable situation.

Change does not come through the vote. That is only the start. Each person has to be active in the process and not enough of us are, not even those who write about it. We watch TV, look on the Web and say tsk, tsk, but that is the extent of our lobbying.

With that in mind, there are those who have the will and means to advance what they see as their manifest destiny to govern society with a soft iron hand. Let us all hope it is a far less worse outcome than what might have been. Surveillance is our destiny.


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