Daily Living in the Reality of Climate Change

Robert Redford is one of my favorite actors. I was absolutely captivated by his performance in the movie, The Last Castle. He is very effective in film and apparently in life in communicating messages of importance. Recently, he took to pen to describe the situation of climate change. Many who read about climate change probably says to themselves, “well, it is something the politicians have to work out”. I often find myself saying that often enough. Continue reading


Swimming is Good in Your Own Pool

You can burn a lot of calories by swimming and you can really benefit your aerobic exercise routine at the same time. Achieving a restful buoyancy in which you hold in a suspended place in the water while gazing into the sky can be a wonderful experience. A kind of blissful synchronicity can be felt physically and psychologically while exploring both artificial and natural watery domains.

If you are going to swim in a pool though, you may want to be very careful about the risk of contamination. It is a growing problem today but eventually a safer chemical solution will emerge that will help. Another good idea may be to have a better process for exchanging water in real-time. That way, more people may return to the blissful leisure that is hovering with their backs to the waves while examining the texture of clouds.

Reflections on the Book of Revelation

The life of those of us who live in this physical world is a different reality from those who live the spiritual world. They are two separate worlds united in the day-to-day lives of people. As flesh and spirit, people have the obligation to observe both dimensions. A lot has been said about the Book of Revelation. Quite simply, it is allegorical and not literal in terms of the images expressed. There is not an actual beast with the number 666 with legs and horns. That is but a way to describe circumstances related to these two worlds. Continue reading

Life Full Circle . Technological Future to a Tribal Past

Society has traveled quite a pace with technology. Felipe Daguila talks about another leg of that journey involving IoT and a follow-up to IoT called living systems. He makes some good points for critical analysis as to the potentially disruptive nature of IoT. Tremendous optimism exists in many technology initiatives. I am optimistic on some parts though not the whole. Rather than zero in on the issues, let us look at the broader picture of life. A more interesting idea is where some of science confirms the contentions of ancient wisdom. Where could a dilute (spread across centuries) but definitive cadence of confirmations lead? Continue reading

After 6/17 SC, Tennessee Leaders’ Thoughtful Dialog on Social Healing

Around late summer or third quarter of 2008, I was in my living room in Nashville watching TV. I watched a lot of TV back then. There was much discussion on the news about Barack Obama. I thought to myself, if he is elected, that may be the real signal that we have moved beyond race considerations. A totally different world you might say. Despite the unknown prospect of a near financial collapse, there was much to be optimistic about during that time. You could say that the euphoria of the new millennium had not worn off yet. Continue reading

Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, What Faith is Made Of

The late Rev. Pinckney was a true hero of faith. His example of a life both contemplative in faith and active in that same belief in the ultimate redemption of people stands for itself. When I read about Clementa Pinckney, I saw a life of tremendous potential and promise. I never heard about him before the incident of 6/17/2015. The examinations of his work reflects someone who engaged his community to make it better. He followed a true way of peace. Continue reading

Security and Privacy are Not Mutually Exclusive

A great point from user 49907487 about the trade-off between security and privacy. You do not have to give up security to have privacy. You do not have to give up your privacy to have security. Giving up privacy does not mean you are more secure. Increasing your security to a reasonable level does not mean you have to give up privacy in the process. You can have excellent privacy and outstanding security in the same environment and circumstances.

Surrendering our rights, our privacy, and our liberty is just a design from some weird place who knows where. Maybe a pure transparent reality looks good on paper. I once thought so when I was much younger. I did not think about the ramifications of such things. In day-to-day living, future generations may find such life hellish when ultra transparency goes the wrong way.

The truth is, an exceedingly transparent design can be a brute force way to drive self-censorship that creates compliance. A thing that seems a tool of integrity is actually a tool of repression. True virtue must be chosen. Free will. Goodness must be genuine and not a contrived way to avoid punishment or gather acclaim. It is a harder road to trust more people to do what is right. In the end, those that choose the right, the light, and goodwill willingly will work to sustain it. We all fail in that, but that is part of life and pushing too hard for it not to be just does not work and is an untrustworthy path.

Anyway, commonsense will return one day.