Best Way to do a Pre-Interview

Interviews and inquiries should not happen over the phone. Although a phone call is more personal than an email or chat, a face to face meet up is the only way to go for a first time acquaintance. The chances are so high that persons on either side of a conversation will fail to see how well they correspond that if you hire someone just based on a phone call, it is more likely to end with disappointment. There are exceptions to this involving contractors, vendors, international collaborators and so on, but when possible, especially if people are in very close proximity geographically (like the same city for instance), go for the face to face.

Few things are worse from a career standpoint than putting all this effort into phone prep, get hired, only to find yourself in the wrong situation. People who are going to work together have to know if they are going to relate well together. It is good to know if the right priorities are in place regarding people. Relationships are more important than skills and the reasons behind employee dismissals or attrition will prove that point often. Meeting face to face, casually if possible, is the right route to see if the relationship is likely to be productive.

See: Andrew Hennigan answer on Quora to In business and in life, is it better to have skills or connections?

We are not cogs in a machine. If we see ourselves that way or see others that way, we inevitable create a circumstance of disappointment. Financial and/or emotional strife usually follows from a failure to see that we have value over and above the things we build, service or facilitate. What we accomplish is important but not more than the connections we have with others in this life.

Effort to relate pays off. More joy can exist in the genuine goodwill between people than even entertainment can offer. Memories stay with us. Time is so limited as to avail us of the opportunity to emphasize better moments unless we see the cause to recover less optimal moments into better. Observing good relationships at the outset may create a more steady prosperity in careers that can also lead to a richness of lifelong pals.


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