Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, What Faith is Made Of

The late Rev. Pinckney was a true hero of faith. His example of a life both contemplative in faith and active in that same belief in the ultimate redemption of people stands for itself. When I read about Clementa Pinckney, I saw a life of tremendous potential and promise. I never heard about him before the incident of 6/17/2015. The examinations of his work reflects someone who engaged his community to make it better. He followed a true way of peace.

The memory of him must never be marred by bitterness or despair. Rather, the example he set should be a cause for which others carry on in much the same way. A war rages for the character of people’s’ souls. Such things can manifest in people’s lives. Often, the battles are in the heart. Quiet, tense, and unseen. Occasionally, and to some dismay, it spreads into broad daylight.

I sense that Clementa Pinckney has left a legacy in the community in which he strove. Out of the pain of the loss of a great counselor has already come a strengthened and renewed focus on building bridges. Before long, the resolve and impact of that community that he helped build will honor his life. What better way, through grace, mercy, and goodwill, to ultimately thwart dark designs and make the light here and now all the brighter.


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